What is Pho? Everything to Know About The National Dish of Vietnam

What is Pho? Everything to Know About The National Dish of Vietnam

Hot, delicious, and satisfying, Pho is a tasty rice noodle soup that is the national dish of Vietnam. Due to its great taste, Pho has become extremely popular across the world, but not many people know what it is and where it comes from. Pho is a dish steeped in history and exciting flavors. To learn more about this delectable dish, keep reading or come get a bowl at Pho Bistro in Winchester, Virginia. Our Mediterranean pho fusion bistro has healthy pho with natural and exciting flavors. Contact us today!

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According to the BBC, pho likely evolved from other noodle dishes and was being eaten in Vietnam before the French colonial period. However, the modern version of pho developed around the early 1900s in North Vietnam. Pho was sold by traveling street vendors in the capital city, where it became very popular.

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Pho is all about the broth. Some chefs are broth purists, using only meat and bones for their broth, while some get a little more creative by adding spices, herbs, and various meats. Beef and chicken are staples of the dish, along with rice noodles and fresh vegetables like bean sprouts and radishes.

person eating pho with soup spoon and chopsticks

How to Eat It

Pho is usually served with a large bowl of broth and noodles with the vegetables, garnish, sauces, and protein on the side. The great thing about Pho is that it is unique to you! By putting the ingredients on the side, you are able to pick and choose what goes into your bowl!

Pho with variety of toppings

Variations of Pho

Pho Bac is considered the original pho, with a simple beef broth and thin slices of beef. Pho Nam is a version that takes the original and adds a lot of spice and garnishes. Pho ga and pho chay, chicken and vegetable pho, are great for people who don’t like beef. Bun bo hue and hu tieu are pork and seafood variations, but they sometimes don’t use the traditional pho noodles.

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