The Story of Pho

The Story of Pho

When you’re browsing all the different restaurant options in Winchester, VA, you’re sure to come across the Vietnamese noodle soup called pho. This very traditional dish consists of warm, flavorful broth, noodles, and plentiful blends of healthy meats and fresh vegetables. Pho Bistro always prepares our pho bowls with fresh, never-preserved ingredients as we continue to share the authentic, unique deliciousness of this dish. Whether you’re looking for healthy places to eat out or are eager to try new cuisines, Pho Bistro is proud to take you on a little journey into the history behind Pho Viet.


How Was Pho Discovered?

The origins of pho actually begin toward the tail-end of the 19th century, right in the Vietnam province of Nam Dinh. This area of the country is best known for its agricultural areas, but is perhaps most famous for the creation of this noodle soup. French colonialism in Vietnam was at its peak during the end of the 19th century, which eventually led to an increased amount of beef throughout the country and an increased amount of beef bones. Vietnamese and Chinese vendors then used these bones to deepen and enhance the flavor of the Nam Dinh broth, eventually evolving into a widespread, full noodle soup with slices of meat and rice noodles.


Why is Pho so Important to Vietnam?

As our Pho Bistro chefs will tell you, pho restaurants are more than just healthy places to eat. Consuming this warm, flavorful dish is an excellent way to experience not only the national dish of Vietnam but also a type of comfort food that is truly intertwined with the country’s identity. Although Pho Viet has transformed over time — including the introduction of hoisin, chili sauce, and various types of meat — it still strongly represents the rich Vietnamese heritage and history.


What Does Pho Symbolize?

Our mission at Pho Bistro is to continue the wonderful tradition of making fresh pho and sharing it with everyone in the Winchester, VA area. We understand how significant this national dish is to Vietnam, as its innovative, authentic flavors are a great source of national pride; having been created on this country’s soil and coming from humble street vendor beginnings, this dish has grown into being a healthy choice to eat around the world.


What Was Pho Inspired By?

Pho is a dish that is believed to have been created sometime in the late 1880s or 1890s at the height of French colonialism, which brought beef into the country’s headspace. It's thought among Vietnamese culinary experts that this noodle soup was inspired by the French beef stew, which was brought to the country during this time period. Pho Viet is made very similarly to stew, and bones are left to simmer in broth for an extended period of time in order to ensure a delicious end result.

You can become a part of the rich history of pho by trying some for yourself! Pho Bistro is proud to be number one on your list of healthy places to eat, masterfully creating innovative, fresh-tasting dishes that fuse Asian spices and Mediterranean-based ingredients. Learn more about the health benefits of eating Pho Viet and view our full menu today!