Mediterranean and Asian Food Diet Ideas

Mediterranean and Asian Food Diet Ideas

2022 is underway, and lots of people have made it their New Year's resolution to eat healthier and take better care of their bodies. Eating a balanced, nutritious diet is key to maintaining a healthy weight and providing your body with everything it needs to function properly. The Asian fusion cuisine from Pho Bistro in Winchester skillfully blends the delicious tastes and numerous health benefits of Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. Check out these Mediterranean and Asian food diet ideas, and visit our restaurant in Winchester today!


Components of Mediterranean and Asian Food

Mediterranean diets are based around a steady intake of fresh and whole foods. This time-tested eating regimen incorporates lots of healthy oils, clean meats, fresh fruits, nuts, legumes, and vegetables, and only low amounts of red meat. This diet is loaded with healthy fats, rich antioxidants, and clean proteins, which is perfectly complemented by the low fat, high fiber properties of vitamin and mineral-rich Asian cuisine. Pho Bistro offers a unique selection of Mediterranean and Asian fusion dishes that can help you enjoy a delicious and nutritious diet.


Scrambled Stuffed Avocado

Our Scrambled Stuffed Avocado dish is a great way to start your morning. Avocados contain a wide range of healthy vitamins and nutrients that are lacking in many people’s diets, from Vitamins C, E, and K, to magnesium, B6, potassium, and folate. With the health benefits of avocado and the protein punch of fresh scrambled eggs, ham, brie cheese, and vanilla yogurt, the Scrambled Stuffed Avocado dish checks all the boxes of a healthy breakfast.


Creamy Lemon Dill Seared Salmon

When the lunch hour comes around, you want to eat a robust supply of protein, healthy carbs, and fiber. The Creamy Lemon Dill Seared Salmon dish from Pho Bistro strikes the perfect balance between delicious and nutritious. Salmon is a great source of clean protein, omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and potassium, and it is loaded with powerful minerals and antioxidants including selenium and astaxanthin. This traditional Mediterranean dish comes with your choice of two sides. Our herb couscous and sauteed garlic green beans are a great way to round out this healthy meal.



As the name suggests, Pho is one of our main specialties at Pho Bistro. This traditional Vietnamese dish is beloved around the world for its rich flavors and wholesome health benefits. It all starts with the bone broth, which makes up the base of most types of Pho. A valuable source of glucosamine, collagen, and chondroitin, bone broth promotes joint health and supports healthy skin. Pho also incorporates lots of ginger, which has been linked to various anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. At Pho Bistro, you can add beef, chicken, or salmon to your Pho, as well as additional vegetables if you want to boost the nutritional value of your meal.

Mediterranean and Asian Cuisine are both known for their rich flavors and nutritional value. At Pho Bistro, our diverse menu of Mediterranean and Asian fusion cuisine blends the best of both worlds to provide you with unique and delicious dishes that you can incorporate into your healthy diet. Visit our restaurant in Winchester or place your order online today!