Making Pho

Food truly is an art form, and pho is no exception. We’re confident that combining culinary and artistic skills is in the upper echelon to create a one-of-a-kind dish everyone should try. There is a wide variety of pho combinations to try, and Pho Bistro in Winchester, Virginia, is here to give you the inside scoop on the essentials when making it. Healthy places to eat is our motto; learn more about us and our signature cooking style today!

Making Pho Broth.jpg

Broth Ingredients

The foundation itself, broth, truly gives pho its signature edge over other entrees and soups. Of course, beef broth is the signature style with our pho noodles, but lean meat broth from chicken and seafood are great options.

Making Pho Meat.jpg


You can never go wrong with beef or chicken added to your pho. Vegetarians have equally as good options with items such as our special vegetarian pho with tofu cubes and meat substitute beef that’s well seasoned for a delectable taste. Bun bo hue, aka pork pho, is also a great choice that goes well with the proceeding suggestions.

Making Pho Sprouts.jpg

Sprouts and Jalapenos

To make pho go above and beyond lies in its decorative sprouts and jalapenos that spice up any dish. Pho Nam is the term for variations of pho with added spice and garnishes. Of course, it all comes down to your preference, but we vouch that you can never go wrong adding these delicious vegetables to any variation of your pho bowls.



Signature rice noodles are hard to beat. Both delicious and healthy, the protein and fiber found in these pho noodles is something your body will appreciate. While Pho Bistro prides itself on its signature dishes, we openly invite you to custom order extra noodles and your spices to accommodate them.

Pho Bistro Hoisin Sauce.jpg

Hoisin and Siracha

The fragrant hoisin sauce is good in any variation of pho. However, the sweet and salty additions it brings are something you have to try for yourself! Siracha sauce is a tried and true classic for a reason. Giving your pho that extra chili sauce kick is a great way to add both spice and flavor to your dish.

There are a ton of great-tasting combinations you have to try with pho. Are you looking for a healthy food place for your midday break? Try our pho lunch menu!