Four Delicious Breakfast Items You Will Find at Pho Bistro to Start Your Day Off Right

Winchester’s Favourite Healthy Breakfast Spot

Stop By For Breakfast

Breakfast is often touted as the most important meal of the day. If you are simply grabbing a bite to eat on your way to work, or looking for a vibrant setting for weekend brunch, Pho Bistro Winchester has a number of healthy breakfast options to start your day off right. Whether you are a fan of traditional breakfast food or not, these four breakfast items will have you craving breakfast, no matter what time of day.


Egg Dishes

A classic breakfast food staple, eggs are wonderful because they are full of protein, heart healthy unsaturated fats, and important vitamins and nutrients. No matter how you like your eggs, at Pho Bistro Winchester we aim to please. Whether it’s our Eggs Benedict, Scrambled Stuffed Avocado, or any of our other healthy breakfast choices, our fresh, delicious flavors will leave you wanting more.



Traditionally, a versatile breakfast favorite like crepes is served either sweet using fruits, whipped cream, and Nutella or savory using different meats and cheese. At Pho Bistro Winchester, we have our take on the crepe and, at less than 3g of fat per serving, they are a perfect healthy breakfast choice for diners with a sweet tooth.



Many different cultures have their version of the pancake. At Pho Bistro Winchester, we love a good old-fashioned buttermilk pancake. Topped with your choice of fruits, whipped cream, syrup and served with warm, melty butter, our pancakes are the “self-care kind of healthy” that you need on a Sunday morning.


A La Carte

Maybe you aren’t super hungry or would rather mix and match your healthy breakfast items to create a meal as unique as you are. At Pho Bistro Winchester, our a la carte menu items will give you the

flexibility to make your meal or add on to other menu options.

Many studies have shown that a healthy breakfast can boost your energy levels, increase concentration, help manage weight loss and other health issues like diabetes. For delicious and nutritious menu items that will make a healthy breakfast your favorite meal of the day, visit Pho Bistro Winchester. No matter what your breakfast food preferences are, we have something to wow your tastebuds.

Stop By For Breakfast