4 Health Benefits Of Pho

We all know that pho is delicious, but is it actually good for you? Many delicious foods and fast foods may be pleasing to the tongue, but they don’t do much for your body. However, pho is different! Learn some of the potential health benefits of pho here and visit Pho Bistro in Winchester to get your own fantastic bowl of pho!


Joint Health

The bone broth that is at the base of most types of pho is great for promoting joint health. Bone broth can be a source of:

  • Glucosamine

  • Chondroitin

  • Collagen

All of these may help to promote joint health. While it is a good idea to add these to your diet in other ways as well, eating pho can help give your body and joints a bit of a boost!


Reduced Inflammation

In many types of pho, you will find some kind of ginger. This key ingredient has been linked to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. This also helps with joint pain, as many times the inflamed areas in our bodies are around the joints.



Looking to add new types of nutrients to your diet? Depending on the type of pho you order, you will be able to enjoy a helping of vegetables! If you aren’t satisfied with the veggies you’re getting in your bowl, don’t worry — ask us about options for additional vegetables to help boost your overall health.



Protein is necessary to keep our bodies working properly, and it helps to fill us up and give us energy throughout the day. At Pho Bistro, you can choose your protein, adding extra flavor and nutrition to your day. We have protein options for beef, chicken, and salmon!

Visit Pho Bistro today or order online for pickup and enjoy your own bowl of incredible pho!